Real Traditional Taekwondo

When I started my study of Taekwondo in 1975 I was hungry for knowledge. I quickly purchased the book, Taekwondo-Do written by General Choi Hong Hi the founder of the Chang Hun style of Taekwondo that I trained in. Although it is old news for those of you who have actually taken the time to study Taekwondo and it’s history (as opposed to those who merely study the physical techniques), it is important to point out to the less well informed that there are there are actually eight styles of Taekwondo.


The Chang Hung style is well known for the strong hand and foot techniques found in its hyong or patterns. Students have practiced these strong techniques in hyong from Chon-Ji through Tong-Il since there introduction in 1955.


What many of today’s students and more then a few instructors don’t seem to realize is that Taekwondo also teaches throwing, falling and joint locking techniques. An examination of General Choi’s book beginning on page 465 through page 483, shows many of these techniques used in the practice of hosin sul or self defense techniques. In addition students were also instructed in proper falling techniques.


I find it a little disturbing when instructors see ICAF students performing these traditional Taekwondo techniques and don’t recognize them as such. Personally instead of being critical I would be upset that my training had not been complete. I might even question my instructor as to why we were not taught these original techniques. Obviously if his or her answer is that they were never taught the techniques you can’t find fault with them, they can’t teach you what they don’t know. Just as true you shouldn’t find fault with those of us who were taught the techniques and chose to provide complete training to our students as did General Choi, the father of Taekwondo.